Yahoo Soda is a type of popular soft drink beverage used in The AnimeLand. This type of product was used in several other shows from Nickelodeon. This soda is a parody of Yoo-Hoo chocolate beverage drinks. Michael Jackson has a fond of them along with his fizzy pops. Steve also loves Yahoo Soda along with a grilled cheese sandwich.

Where it's sold?

The product is sold in Wall 2 Wall Mart. Some people uses the beverage to replace milk for there cereals. It is also sold as a beverage for Chokey Chicken, a fictional fried chicken restaurant. It is also sold in ParkMark.


There is no mascot created for the advertisements for the Yahoo Soda commercials. The cast and crew uses actors or real life performers to be in the commercials to sell the product.


The Yahoo Soda features two different slogans:

  • Most of the time, it features the slogan, "Yahoo Soda! Just Drink It!". This is one of Noah's favorite quotes, the first being "Sunday Pants".
  • Steve said the second slogan before he drank some, "Yahoo Soda! Ain't nothing to it but to do it!".

What kind of chocolate drink is it?

Lost of times, people are wondering what kind of drink it is. Some of the episodes feature the characters trying to figure out the drink's flavor but doesn't work:

  • These are a list of quotes:
    • In one episode, Noah said "What is the chocolate drink anyway?" and Mitch said "How should I know? I'm the director!".
    • In one episode, Doctor Frankenstein stated that the Yahoo Drink, which he was using to power his new monster, is a "mysterious chocolate drink source".
    • In one episode, Chirag said "Yahoo Soda is delicious. What kind of chocolate drink is this?" and Greg said "Dunno!".
    • Rodrick once said that he's gonna put the Yahoo Soda on Greg's eyes for burning. But, he called Yahoo Soda "mole". Mole is a type of Mexican sauce. Chocolate and mole may look the same but are different.
    • Mr. Smoothies sells Yahoo Sodas, but it's a smoothie and chilly fry outside restaurant.

An online chat of The AnimeLand website was featured Robert Cait talking to the viewers. One of them was talking about the Yahoo Soda. Robert Cait reveals that it's a chocolate soda drink. This reveals that Yahoo Soda is a chocolate soda drink.

    • The episode "Uno, Does, Tres; Yahoo Soda!", it features that Deep Blue knows that Yahoo Soda is chocolate soda.
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