When the Composer Goes Wild is a 60-minute television special of Anime: Camp Generations, which features the guest starrs of Johnny Depp, Bruce Brown, Bill Cosby, Jim Foronda and Davy Jones.


Pacifier suckers

The gang captured and about to be blown up.

In Gizmo Beach, a parody of Pismo Beach, Noah and his friends are preparing for a live concert. Then, suddenly a high tide comes in and splashes them into a remote island called Bogus Beach. In the island, they meet 5 hippied surfers: Sportz, Van, Wallace, Chip and Silent Sam. Sportz (voice of Gene Simmons) told them that one surfer can teach Noah and friends to do the LaoKoiRama (Transportation Skill) named Harry McWelson. In the beach, they find a middle-aged surfer who actually is a hard working bored man who has no music in his life.

Meanwhile, Sue, was about to tell Tobey a very important thing that Mr. Wu is after him because he filled his aprin with macaroni and cheese but because Tobey used a fortune cookie to make it impossible for her to speak (she cannot move her mouth at all), Tobey's going to have to find it out the hard way.


  • Tobey: Sue?
  • Sue: (mutters because she can't move her mouth)
  • Tobey: Why am I flying? (says the Zeus gag)

Guest starsEdit

  • Johnny Depp - Herry McWelson
  • Bruce Brown - Narrator
  • Bill Cosby - Fat Albert parody, Giant Gary
  • Richard Cox - InuYasha
  • KISS - Sportz, Van, Wallace, Chip
  • Art Garfunkle - singing man
  • Jim Foronda - Shannon
  • Davy Jones - himself


  • Daydream Believer - Davy Jones and The Monkees
  • We'd Rather Do Anything than Sing - Julie and Timothy Cahill
  • Were in Love - Gwendolyn Lau and Jim Foronda
  • I Love Pancakes - Jim Foronda and Art Garfunkle
  • Hey, Hey, Hey! It's Giant Gary - Bill Cosby


  • Elmo and Oscar are the only Sesame Street characters to appear in this special.
  • Bill Cosby, creator and actor for Fat Albert, voices the parody of Fat Albert, Giant Gary.