Thirty Hours Over Tokyo is another movie in Anime: Camp Generations. This is the highest episode in Season 13.

This is one of the episodes featuring the existion of the country where the cartoon was created; Japan. Unlike the previous episodes, the Japanese citizens are animated in a manga-style. This episode features very similarities through the Japanese-American reality game show "I Survived A Japanese Game Show".

When the Japanese speaks, they speak English. Sometimes, they speak Japanese with English subtitles. Also unlike the previous episodes, the Japanese are now portrayed by live-action Japanese people. The host, voiced by Tony Sano (I Survived A Japanese Game Show host), Tony Siwano, is portrayed by his voice actor and appears animated.

This features many different songs.


Ben, Laura and Mitch are going to Tokyo in a Japanese game show "Kitsune Gemu" (Fox Game in Japanese). Tony Siwano, the host, is giving them challenges; big challenges. Now, Ben and the rest are teamed up with other American players.


  • The title is a parody of the movie "Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo".
  • This episode features many similarities to the game show "I Survived a Japanese Game Show":
    • It is live-action (some of the scenes are animated)
    • The host is played by Tony Sano. The character, Tony Siwano, is based on Tony Sano.
    • The teams are the same teams used in ISAJGS: Green Tigers and Red Robots.
    • It features Japanese words.
  • This is another episode featuring live-action scenes unlike the episode "Gotta Be Real" where the two-dimensional cartoons become three-dimensional humans in the real world.