The Big Picture Show is a 2-hour episode featuring 6 animated shorts created by real life child actors. This features the guest appearance of Yo-Yo Ma, Taj Mahal and the American Idol judges: Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson.


This episode seems to have a similar plot to the movie "Bedtime Stories". Kakashi is having his child beign watched by Ben. When Takashi and his friends want to hear the story, Ben and his friends tell them there stories to the kids and somehow, they came true.

At the end of the episode, Chazz shows up with his camera and says to thank the children actors who gave the idea on the stories. Plus, Noah tells the audience that he thanks the person who came up with the episode in the first place; Nicky Jones, voice actor for Chowder.


  • All of these stories features animation styles of South Park, Dexter's Laboratory, Popeye and Dr. Katz. There is a live-action style of WWE and American Idol as well.
  • The idea for this episode was made up by Nicky Jones. Also the 6 stories you see are stories made up by kids who entered a real life contest to give ideas for the characters' ideas on the show:
    • Gold Rush: Mitch's story. Animation of South Park, Mitch finds a golden well and steals all of the gold but suddenly he gets captured. Created by Jimmy Bennett, voice of Rerun.
    • The Bad Experiment: Noah's story. Animation of Dexter's Laboratory, Noah accidentally creates a monster. Created by Miranda Cosgrove, voice of Carly Shay.
    • Food Supplies: Yugi's story. Animation of Popeye, this features a Joey caricature of Popeye trying to get food from a Kaiba caricature of Bluto with a Tea caricature of Olive. Created by Selena Gomez.
    • I Love You: Molly's story. Animation of Dr. Kats and similarities to Ed, Edd n Eddy, Molly needs to get her nails polished. Created by Moises Arias.
    • Wrestler's Match: Ace's story. Live-action parodies of WWE, the Ganggreen Gang faces Hulk Hogan and Ben Tennyson. The Ganggreen Gang are animated with computer-generated-imagery due to the story being live-action instead of animated. Created by Victoria Justice.
    • Atticus Idol and the Gladdiators: Atticus's story and Ben's story. Ben is portrayed by Ryan Kelley and Atticus is portrayed by Freddie Highmore. Atticus starts singing in American Idol and goes to Hollywood but Vilgax attacks and Ben must stop him. Created by Holly Holland.