Super School is an episode of The AnimeLand.


Ben is going to university school so he has to deal with his neighbor, Gunther.


At the end, captions appeared in the characters.


  • This marks the first appearance of Fatso, Dean Birdwatcher, Micky, Muckermeyer and Gunther.
  • Gunther, Muckermeyer, Chet and Micky are given a deeper role in many episodes. In the early episodes, Muckermeyer and Ben start to have a rivalry until later episodes, they became friends. Chet's full name is revealed to be Cheddington Deranious (also known as Chet Dar, pun of cheddar) and is the meister of Excalibur from Soul Eater.
  • Gunter starred in the spin-off series "Super School" which was considered Cait's rarest shows due to it's poor quality and not being seen on television since January 1, 2009.

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