Raggedy the Woodland Creature Alien

Raggedy is an Aardvarkantarian, species of aliens that look like tree elves with genes of aardvarks and anteaters, that is friends with Conan Edogawa. His first appearance was "Law and Odor". Conan thought he was a villain and kicked him with a soccer ball causing the police to lock him up. Raggedy was locked up too and they became friends.

Raggedy has a hatred of spring due to the fact that spring makes Raggedy itchy. Raggedy despises loud music, fire and spring. He tends to go wild. He also despises spring cleaning but likes soccer, food, Conan and video games. Raggedy speaks in third person. Zigfried refers to him as "Waggut".

To many confusing by fans, his name is misspelled as "Raggety".

Raggedy appears in Anime: Omniverse having been absent from the show for several episodes and seasons. He is basically the same.