Put On Your 3-D Glasses: Let's Get Digital (known as Gaming the System: Clyde's Side in the English dub) is an episode of Anime: Camp Generations. This features some 3-D anaglyph scenes which is why this is a 3-D glasses special. This features the first ever episode staring a background character. Guest starrs Dante Basco as Clyde Wakowski.


Orochimaru shows Noah the new game he bought: Animenture, where you take a picture of yourself with a digital camera, then you do some edits to make the head have no space so it would look like that it's a real head and you're ready to go. Clyde is tired of his usual role so he decided to have a little adventure of his own. After The Daily Dead report, a bunch of villains are after Orochimaru's game because it features a very powerful energy source. Noah decided to give them a challenge: starring Clyde to be the driver. Now, Clyde will show the guys that he is the one. If any of the villains beat Clyde in the race, they get the source.


  • These are the villains that appears in this episode:
    • Biyou Mage & Deep Blue - Team Biyo Mage
    • The Cyniclon Twins - Team Biyo Mage
    • Reyna and Bubon - Team Biyo Mage
    • Queen Mimi and Hamburglar - Team Queen Mimi
    • Vampwire - Team Shokk
    • The Crazed Bus Driver - Team Shokk
    • Gary E. Mo - Team Goth
    • Fork Boy - Team Shokk
  • This is the first time Biyo Mage meets Vampwire, Gary E. Mo and Fork Boy.
  • Songs: Phinedroid and Ferbots/My Goody Two Shoes Brother/We Will Rock You
  • Conan: Lord of the Flies, I ran out of ink.
    • Conan claims he ran out of ink. But, he wrote with a pencil, not a pen.
      • Conan mentioned the book "Lord of the Flies".
  • Guest starrs Dante Basco as Clyde Wakowski.
  • Elliot reveals that Kikki's little brothers: Jimmy, Johnny, Timmy and Tommy solve mysteries together with a talking dog; parody of Mystery Inc. of Scooby Doo.
  • Fork Boy has a crush on Biyo Mage.
  • Vampwire detests Sardon and Dren because of there hair. He likes Tart because of his eyes. Biyo Mage and Deep Blue are okay and so is Bubon. Reyna is a cool dude according to him.
  • Crazed Bus Driver yelled at Fork Boy for eating his socks.
  • This epison mainly breaks the fourth wall due to the episode starring a background character; Clyde.
  • Goof: If Clyde was a background character, how come he never appeared in the previous episodes in the background?