Planet Chasers Starlight Excellent (星の戦士 Star Warrior) is a Japanese animated anime series that was debuted in September 13, 2010. The series is still ongoing and it was English dubbed and sent into the English market. Unfortunatley, due to the special effects from the anime that causes seizures, the anime has rarely aired in the United States and only aired from January to February 2011. Although the series is still ongoing in Japan, only twenty episodes were English dubbed. The show is one of the most popular animes in Japan; the others being "Super Alien Hero Buddy Adventures" and "Mechanimals".

Although the seizure effects were not removed, some scenes were removed such as violence and references to Japanese culture in the English dub.

The series aired back on television on August 3, 2011 featuring a more manga-like graphics and style along with Japanese characters as speech balloons during animation sequences and super deformed thoughts.

Theme SongEdit

The theme song for the Japanese dub is called "Help!" by Shura Yakamoki. The English dub theme song was by American animator, JG Quintel (of Regular Show fame). Most of the lyrics of the English theme song is the numbers 1 to 5 in Japanese repeated four times, along an unknown English sentence along with "Yeah".

Ichi ni shan shi go

Ichi ni shan shi go

Ichi ni shan shi go

Ichi go yeahhhh!!!


The plot of the cartoon is unknown as only the opening sequence is shown in the whole anime series. Despite no explanation, the show seems to be taken place in outer-space in which a wizard controls aliens to kill the humans in which a warrior uses his seizuring blast to save the Earth.


  • The anime series is a parody of the infamous "Pokemon Shock", an event that features a Japanese-only dubbed episode of Pokemon that featured an effect so bright that it caused 1.8 million Japanese viewers seizures.
  • The series concept is a parody of Saint Seiya (known in the United States as Knights of the Zodiac). It's also a parody to that of DragonBall, Astro Boy, Pokemon and Sailor Moon due to the characters appearance.
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