thumb|300px|right|Ostrich Thing with the BallsOstrich Thing with the Balls is an Internet phenomenon and an Internet meme that was first created in the American animated series, Regular Show.

Mordecai and RIgby often watch it when eating Grilled Cheese Deluxe grilled cheese sandwiches. Rigby think's it's funny while Mordecai finds it annoying.


An ostrich is learning how to be play baseball. He is seen holding a baseball bat next to a tee with a baseball along with an old man. A voice-over says "Don't get too close now, Pa?" implying that the old man is a grandfather and the voice-over is a grandchild. The ostrich hits the ball then throws the bat and the ostrich runs to Pa and kicks his groin causing him to be knocked out, ending with the ostrich raising his hands up while a funny music clip is played.


  • This video is one of the highest viewed on ViewTube.
  • Although the official name has not been mentioned, stated or given, the title that is mostly known for the Internet meme is "The Ostrich Thing with the Balls" as said by Mordecai.
  • Couldn't Pa just run away before the ostrich kicked his groin so he would avoid getting injured?
  • It could be implied that the grandchild was not in the video was because he/she was recording the video for ViewTube.
  • A newspaper read "Ostrichmania" which is a parody of "Beatlemania", an event that features The Beatles' first visit in the U.S. Once more, The Beatles (in the Saturday morning cartoon animation) appear in the show as well, voice of Sean Lennon, Dhani Harrison, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr.
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