Mitch Tennison is a con artist 7-year old boy who seems to taken alot of greed. He starred to got rid of his kind personality but used his intellegents of inventions for evil purposes. He seems to bribe anyone with either money or whatever they want.


  • Maou (referred to as Mayu by Mitch's gang and Noah): A girl who died in a fire accident from an apartment. She seems to come in contact with the soul piper. She is the mirrored version of herself who suffered the samething but turned good by Kagome. Mitch promised her the death of her brother and mother if she serves him.
  • Orochimaru: A demon snake who planns to destroy the Hidden leaf village. He seems to have no problem working for him.
  • Pepper Jack: The oldest of the Cheese Brothers. As the humble servant to Orochimaru, he must follow his master.
  • Spritle and Chim Chim: Speed Racer's little brother and chimpanzee. Mitch bribed them ice cream for there services. Even though Spritle is older than Mitch, by one year, Mitch still bossess him.
  • Mitchell Johnson: (voice of Jason Earles) A robotic negative version of Michael jackson since a negative version of Michael jackson does not seem to exist. He seems to sing parodied songs made by Weird Al Yankovic like Eat It! (parody of Beat It) or Dinner (parody of Thriller).
  • Marceline the Vampwire Queen: Mitch threatens to kill her by summoning Darkblaze (Hothead's negative side), attacking her with garlic and sticking a wooden stick into her heart.
  • Karl: Marceline's new henchmen when the old henchmen died. He has to serve his master.