Michael Jackson cartoon

Live-action/cartoon caricatures of Michael Jackson showing him before and after the vitiligo striked him and made him white.

Michael Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009) was a singer that makes guest stars appearances in Anime: Camp Generations.

Before his cardiac arrest, Michael Jackson watched an episode from YouTube and wanted to appear in the show. In the episodes, he appeared as a caricature of himself. A running gag is that in his mansion, when he is thirsty for some soda, he uses a remote control to make the vending machine transport fizzy pop to his hands, hence his nickname "The King of Pop".

Michael Jackson told Shura that he was a prankster when he was a boy. Michael Jackson contracted both speaking and singing vocals. Some scenes features his latest videos. Michael Jackson said that he been to the real world 100 times because his real fans like him.

When the real Michael Jackson died from cardiac arrest, Robert Cait, creator of the show, decided to perform the voices for Michael Jackson until Anime: Omniverse being voiced by Jackson impersonator Kipp Lennon. The episode Chokey Chokey Bang Bang was dedicated to him when Dren said that he's famous for selling his heart to the dead Michael Jackson, similar to Jackson's cardiac arrest.

At the end of the episode, a title card appeared labeled "In Memorial, Michael Jackson; who was the most popular singer in both the real and cartoon world since 20 years ago".

He used to attend college, a performing arts trying to be an actor but chooses a singing career instead.

Michael Jackson usually wears his leather jacket from his Thriller days and uses his catchphrases "Hee hee" and "Shamone". During Anime: Evolution, Michael's appearance changed to the typical outfit he wore before his real-life death. He is also considred (by the characters) one of the real-world people to enter to the cartoon world and still know the existence between the real and cartoon world. Despite Jackson's death, archives of his voice will also be used for his dialogue.

Jackson is also similar to that of Family Guy's Adam West who are both fictionalized caricatures of their portrayers and they make numerous major appearances throughout the series.

Michael Jackson made a cameo in Anime: Omniverse in an artwork looking similar to himself during his final moments before his death. He finally reappeared in the episode High Five Alives now voiced by Jackson impersonator Kipp Lennon and his appearance is based on exactly of how he looked like on the day before his death. The episode appearance was based on one of his previous guest spots on The Simpsons "Star Raking Dad" (also including Lennon). He appears voluntarily in a mental instution.