Ostrichman Prime and Koaler, characters in Mechanimals

Mechanimals is a Transformers parody. This is a show-within-the-show animated with computer-generated-imagery. It was first seen in a Powerpuff Girls episode "Jewel of the Aisle" but later turned as a show within the show in The AnimeLand. This show was one of the popular shows in Anime Japan; the others are "Super Alien Hero Buddy Adventures" and the imfamous in America, "Planet Chasers Starlight Excellent".

The show is about a group of intergalactical aliens that look like robots and take on animals in disguise on Earth (parodying the car transformations) and they must save the world.

Parodies/Parodied CharactersEdit

  • Ostrichman Prime: An ostrich. Parody of Optimus Prime.
  • Koaler: A koala. Parody of Kup.
  • Wallaby: A wallaby. Parody of Wheelie.
  • Gorillalock: A gorilla. Parody of Grimlock.
  • Sasquatchslag: A sasquatch. Parody of Slag.
  • Snakeswoop: A snake. Parody of Swoop.
  • SalamanderSnarl: A salamander. Parody of Snarl.
  • Wombat-Growl: A wombat. Parody of Wreck-Gar.
  • CheetahMotion: A cheetah. Parody of Blur.
  • HopRod: A rabbit. Parody of Hot-Rod.
  • Monkeytron: A monkey. Parody of Megatron.
  • UltraMammoth: a woolly mammoth. Parody of Ultra Magnus.
  • SideByte: a crocodile. Parody of Sideswipe.