Jack the Butcher is an episode which features the central plot on Pepper-Jack Dar, one of Orochimaru's henchmen and Chet's older brother, who had to work in Rib-Cage's Butcher Shop for stealing and robbing pork chops.


Hungry, Orochimaru and his gang were stealing many foods. Unfortunatley, Pepper Jack did not want any part of this until he saw a juicy pork chopn in a butcher shop. He swiped it into his shirt and when the butcher (Rib Cage) went to him asking about it, it fell from his shirt and he was so mad that he called his mother.

As punishment, he has to work in the butcher shop for a week to pay the debt. As we worked, he started to learn more about meat. At the end of his day, he wishes to grow up to be a butcher but Rib Cage rejects him because he's busy for a meat party tomorrow. The next day, there were too many customers so he uses Jack as his helper. After the day was over, Rib Cage decided to make Jack a butcher's apprentice.


  • Why didn't Mr. Rib-Cage caught Orochimaru stealing the food? And why didn't Pepper Jack tell Rib Cage about Orochimaru?
  • Guest cast: Kevin Michael Richardson as Mr. Rib-Cage, Phil LaMarr as Rabbi Goldberg
  • This episode reveals that the Dar family are Jewish since they have a rabbi: Rabbi Goldberg.
  • This episode also explains why the Jewish, Hindus, Christians and Muslims don't eat pork.
  • Running Gag: Jerry moans about Pepper Jack hanging out with Orochimaru and Shiela exclaims "Jerry?!".
  • In one episode, Pepper Jack is seen eating a ham and pork sandwich. But ham and pork are against Jewish rules. But then again, Pepper Jack was so hungry that he disobeyed the rules by stealing pork chops.
  • His brothers; Strings and Chet do not appear in this episode despite the scene featuring the family eating dinner.
  • Title: The title is a parody of "Jack the Ripper", a common name for a serial killer.
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