Hothead (real name never revealed) is an alien from the planet Sun. Ages 14-19, Hothead appears in The AnimeLand, Anime: Camp Generations and the upcoming prequel, Anime: Evolution. He stars in "The Aya Show". Hothead has his own show, which aired in TeleToon but might air in Cartoon Network called "Hothead Goes to Jen-Gu Island" which is a spin-off of Anime: Camp Generation's first movie, Surferheroes, the first time where Ben does not appear.

Part IEdit

Hothead appears to be 14 years old. He went to the world by an accident. He got his powers when having to deal with a 40 feet tall bully. Hothead is a fond of Aya and likes her very much. He has to watch her and take care of her. In Part I, he is voiced by Rick Gomez.

Part IIEdit

Hothead is 19 years old. He sports a goatee full of flames. Hothead is more mature and likes girls now. He is much nicer. In Anime: Camp Generations and The Aya Show, he is voiced by Candi Milo, until Surferheroes came. Now, in Surferheroes, the rest of the episodes and Hothead Goes to Jen-Gu Island, he is voiced by Shia LaBeaouf.

Part IIIEdit

Hothead is 20 years old and has gotten older. Hothead's appearances have been dropped since he has appeared in his own show but makes cameo appearances instead.