French 101 is an episode of Anime: Camp Generations.

Episode SummaryEdit

Zaku and Derek fall for Kakashi Hatake's French niece named Aneta (who only speaks French.) Derek scores a date with her, (through translations) and gets the kiss! At the date, Derek and Aneta are entered to a contest created by Ben Tennyson. Then, Derek is now head over heels.


  • Gypsi: Aneta, ceci est Zaku et Derek.
    • Aneta: Kay!
  • Derek: Yo, Gypsi! Can you tell her if we can go to the diner?
    • Gypsi: Ask her yourself. I'm through translating. (leaves and goes on Aristotle's car)
    • Aristotle: There pal!
    • Gypsi: Thanks!
    • Socrates: (belches) That was a great cookie, Ari.
    • Aristotle: (chases Sock away) I'M GOING TO GET YOU FOR THIS MR. SOCRATES.
    • Derek: Soins à la danse?
    • Aneta: Oui! (Derek and Aneta go to the ball-room)
  • Zaku: Heck! I don't need a translator. You, me, dinner, dancing.
    • Aneta: J'ai peur!
    • Zaku: She wants me.
    • Gypsi: Yes! Arrested!
  • Aneta: Désolé! Je m'appelle Aneta.
    • Zaku: Cute name! Désolé!
    • Gypsi: That means "Sorry! Her name is Aneta!". And like the dessurt cart, she's off limits. (Aneta, Gypsi and Schroeder leave)
  • Aneta: Garde de votre certains canards de chocolat?
    • Gypsi: Oui!


  • Guest stars Katelyn Pippy as Aneta Hatake, Kakashi's French niece, Simon Cowell as himself, Jim Cummings as Aristotle, Frank Welker as Socrates and Jim Foronda as Shannon. This also guest stars Drake Bell as Derek.
  • This is the first episode where Derek speaks French.
  • The title "French 101" sounds like Nick's show, Zoey 101.
  • The title is a reference to the first grade of school when you are learning french.
  • The name, Aneta, sounds more like a Spanish name than a French name.