Daredevilvision (also known as Dare TV) is an episode of Anime: Camp Generations.


When Derek gets a brand new digital cable wired into his television, he starts to get hooked up with a television called DareChannel. Because of that, Derek wants to star in the channel after seeing Michael Jackson, Adam West, Simon Cowell and Ming Tsai dare-deviling in the channel. Meanwhile, Noah gets hooked up on Mitch's house.

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • Mitch: [after Noah sucked up his shag rug] MY RUG!!!
    • Noah: Shag rugs are a distinctive tool for discarded nail trimmings. [sucks up Mitch's magazines]
    • Mitch: MY MAGAZINES!!!!
    • Noah: I have plenty of educational reading material we could share.
  • Noah: I like TV, Derek.
    • Derek: [impatiently] Stop tempering me WITH QUESTIONS!!! [leaves]
  • Orochimaru: The drinking fountain dared me to do it.