Chazz's Home Videos is a live-action animated sitcom in The AnimeLand but later became it's own series, only airing in YTV and some reruns air in Cartoon Network. It features the communication to Chazz talking to his older brothers: Slade and Jagger how his life is in The AnimeLand.


The cartoon first started in the episode "Postcards from Chazz". Chazz gets a delivery from his brother: Slade. But when he opens it, he gets a shock as he realizes that the box is full of baby stuff! (And a rattle that Blair claims as her own). Chazz is fed up with his big brothers thinking he is a baby. He has decided to send his brothers a home video of how much he has changed. The video is always in camera view when the video begins.

In "Postcards from Chazz", the video was entirley animated with cel and flash animation. But in and after "Thirty Hours Over Tokyo", the video was enitrely in live-action. Chazz never appeared at all in the live-action videos. Blair is seen both animated and portrayed in the live-action scenes.