Anime: Camp Generations is the sequel to The AnimeLand. This features new cast. This show shows many difference from the previous show. In the show, summer was over, so the characters could not go to camp but are happy to stay in town. Although, this also features a school named after the creator of Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto run by Principal Francis Stoner, from the Static Shock franchise. The teachers are Kakashi, Mr. Bore, Mr. Bandsheet and others. This show also sees many different shows including the guest starrs of celebrities like Adam West as himself, Lucas Cruikshank as himself and Fred, Yo-Yo Ma as himself, Art Garfunkle as himself, Lance Armstrong as Alan Wolfe, Neil Armstrong as himself, etc.


  • The pilot episode was never released in the US. This was made with the original video animation.
  • Plot: A bus comes and features some of the characters appearing back to the world.


A new show aired: Anime: Evolution. 16-year old Ben Tennyson now meets a brand new villains, goes into Scare School, has fun in Camp and gets stuck in several worlds. The show ended in May 2012.